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We provide customers with a variety of engineering services to address our customers’ demand for advanced engineering capabilities via our highly-trained engineering consultants. Our staff of experienced engineers average 20+ years of experience with successful projects delivered in the Aerospace, Energy, Oil & Gas, Medical Products, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Communications, and Ship Building industries. Our engineer’s diverse backgrounds and depth of experience allow us to tackle the toughest engineering problems, from those of large global corporations to the small and medium local operations. Whether you are exploring cost-effective and value-added alternatives, or trying to fill an urgent need for additional capacity or engineering expertise, Saratech Services welcomes the opportunity to work with you and devise a practical solution that meets your company’s strict demands.


Saratech Design engineers apply fundamental and reliable engineering principles to bring accurate and concise solutions to our customers in a timely and cost effective manner. Our experience, crossing a broad range of industries and founded in all of the current major CAD systems, provides the capability to advance your product whether it is in conceptual design or in need of optimization. We offer both onsite and offsite services allowing our design team to most effectively support you own design teams to optimize productivity and efficiency.

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Saratech Manufacturing engineers provide a wide variety of CAM services including NC programming, Tool Design, Composites, and Inspection Automation. Our NC Programming team has a wide range of experience across a variety of 2-axis, 3-axis, and 5-axis machines. Our Tool Design engineering capabilities span from fixtures for detail parts and assemblies to large-assembly tooling and Ground Support Equipment. Composites Manufacturing & Tool Design support includes soft and hard composite tooling, flat patterns, spring-back, and thermal conductivity variables. We also offer Inspection Automation services to address component parameters, boundary limits, and inspection instrumentation.

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Saratech CAE services specializes in computer-aided simulation and the application of solid engineering principles. We verify all computer findings with empirical data, simplified models, or classical calculations to ensure accuracy. This approach, used successfully on over 200+ projects, allows us to respond to our clients’ needs and deliver a thorough, high quality result within the critical time constraints of project requirements. Whether the requirement is optimizing a design while meeting performance criteria, reduction in “time-to-market”, or traditional analysis services; our team has the skill and real world experience to assist you in all aspects of your engineering processes!

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In addition to offering services across the traditional engineering disciplines, Saratech Services also provides support for the following: Application Implementation & Administration from deployment and testing to upgrades and optimization; Model-Based Definition for integrated manufacturing and procurement data in the model-centric engineering environment; Project Management services to analyze the business model, customize the lifecycle, and optimize the engineering program to reduce the time to delivery.; Data Translation services including data-quality verification and advance healing support; and Automation and Programming Services to extend the capability of your investment well beyond that of the out-of-the-box experience, and to increase the Return On Investment (ROI) while positioning your business for growth and success.

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