Essentials for NX Designers

Why should I take this class?

Do you have a desire to learn an extremely powerful CAD system that can unleash your creativity? NX is a high-end CAD platform that will allow you to create anything you can dream and transform it into a digital format for analysis and manufacturing. During the course, scenarios depicting an NX CAD designers day will be used to create part and assembly models for drafting the end product.

What will I know after taking this class?

How to use the basics of NX for a person new to the program. Abilities will include the use of Templates to create new CAD models using powerful features inside of NX. Those features include sketches along with dimensioning and constraint techniques for efficient feature creation. Assembly modeling and drawing creation techniques will also be introduced to enable productivity after completion.

What will I be able to do with NX after this class?

Completion of this class will allow the designer or engineer to use the design tools to jump right into the creation of production models and assemblies to be used for drawing creation and analysis by other parts of the organization. You should feel comfortable with the interface and dialogue boxes for supporting the creation of detailed models.

What do I need to know before taking this class?

This class requires no previous CAD experience. Windows familiarity is required.

Covered Topics:

  1. NX User Interface
  2. Part Models
  3. Imported Geometry Manipulation
  4. Assemblies
  5. Drafting
  6. Settings Overview
  • Laptops Provided
  • Software and Licenses Provided
  • Training Manuals not included ($100 each)

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