Customized Classes

Tailored courses to optimize your engineering investments.

Saratech provides training in a broad range of engineering disciplines. In addition to offering standardized classes at our facilities, Saratech also offers on-site training and classes that are customized to your engineering team's specific needs.


Our instructors are expert users of the PLM tools and personally develop the materials used exclusively in their classes. All of Saratech’s Custom classes provide extensive hands-on workshops based on practical examples selected to support your particular business need. The customized syllabus ensures that attendees can leverage the training immediately upon return to work updated to include the latest updates, features and functionality.


• Increases Productivity – achieve improved quality, provide superior service, reduce lag time and ultimately make a profit


• Increase job satisfaction, morale and motivation among employees – Happy employees are productive employees.


• Reduces Employee Turnover – investing in your employees will let them know you are interested in developing their skills. Train and Retain!


• Maintain employee credentials/certifications – Ensure that the hard won qualifications of your employees remain up to date with regular training


• Provides the opportunity to network - New business opportunities


• Intellectual capital for their company – true value derived from training and education


• Overall, Viewed as an investment = high returns


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