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Updates to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard: A Pragmatic Overview

ISO 9001:2008 was revised and reissued as ISO 9001:20015 last year. Companies have until 2018 to update their registration to the new requirements. Several other ISO standards have also been updated or are in the process of being updated including: ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Quality Management Systems ISO 13485:2015 Quality Management Systems for Medical Devices

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1. Drones     With drones, we can expect to see higher personal use, extended use in businesses and drones even performing public tasks, such as making deliveries. Not to mention the photography capabilities of drone technology will help pave the way for many industries, including photography, construction and topography! 2. 3D Printing    

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There’s tons of excitement in the air surrounding 3D printing these days. While 3D printing is a huge topic, it’s more than just a buzzword—It’s innovating design and manufacturing as we know it! Here at Saratech, we are locked in to the newest updates and capabilities of design optimization and additive manufacturing. 3D Printing is

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