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How to set up Random Analysis in Simcenter

With Simcenter 12, there is now the ability to create a “Random” subcase thus removing the need to manually input the PSD and other required cards into the input file. This ultimately saves you time and improves workflow. Tips and tricks before watching – Have sufficient knowledge in NX – Have an understanding in SOL

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FEMAP 11.3.1 Release Information

  FEMAP 11.3.1 has been released. It is available for download from Siemens, or contact Saratech Support if you need help. We have been using 11.3.1 for a few weeks at Saratech and we highly recommend that you upgrade to this release. There are some new features highlighted below, plus some important corrections. If you

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What’s New in Femap 11.3

What’s New in Femap 11.3 Femap 11.3 was released end of April. Take a look at the above video and learn everything there is about the new features in Femap 11.3 The following are few of the new functionalities included in the new Femap: Preprocessing • Group Enhancements: New additions which greatly help to pick

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