Analysis & Simulation

Analysis & Simulation is a tool for active engineering professionals to apply the functions of creation, decision making and problem solving. Saratech knows that ensuring your designs are sound is paramount to your project's success. We have experienced engineers who can perform analysis in a variety of areas including:


• Structural Analysis
• Dynamic Analysis
• Nonlinear Analysis
• Flow and Thermal Analysis


Saratech engineers are skilled across a wide a variety of software tools, including Femap, NX Nastran, MSC Nastran, NX Advanced Simulation, Solid Edge Simulation, Adina, LS-DYNA, Abaqus, and Ansys.


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Composites Analysis

Fatigue and Fracture – Composites Analysis focuses on supporting optimization of parts designed to match the manufacturing definition. This aspect of analysis is crucial to success. Saratech has competent engineers standing by to run and report on the following:


• Producibility Analysis
• Finite Element Analysis


Utilizing the NX Durability Wizard, Saratech engineers are capable of delivering results from NX Nastran, MSC Nastran, Abaqus, Ansys, or LS-DYNA to calculate fatigue life, including both low cycle and high cycle applications. If desired, our engineers can also perform Fatigue calculations with SDC Verifier or custom Femap API programs.


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Kinematics considers the cause and effects of motions. Saratech's engineers are prepared to provide customers with the following:


• Detailed Motion Simulation
• Dynamic Motion Analysis



Using NX Motion Simulation-RecurDyn, our team will allow you to predict and understand the functional behavior of parts and assemblies, including all aspects of advanced dynamic, static, and kinematics motion simulation. We can also help tie the motion results to structural analysis with NX Nastran, thus providing you with a complete kinematic solution.


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API Programming Automation

Here at Saratech, we have written many unique programs to help automate custom tasks and procedures. Our engineers have programmed in Femap API and NX Open API, and are capable of using Phoenix Model Center to create and automate simulation workflows with NX Nastran, Femap, NX Advanced Simulation, MSC Nastran, Ansys, Abaqus, LS-DYNA, and Microsoft Excel.


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