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solidThinking Inspire enables design engineers, product designers, and architects to create and investigate structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily. Inspire uses the Industry leading Altair OptiStruct technology to generate and analyze design concepts. The software is easy to learn and works with existing CAD tools to help design structural parts right the first time, reducing costs, development time, material consumption, and product weight

Design Faster
Generate concepts which meet structural performance requirements at the beginning of the design cycle. This results in significant time savings over the traditional approach of design, validate, redesign to meet structural requirements.

Design Smarter
Inspire makes it easy to perform “what-if” scenarios where package space, connections, load conditions, and shape controls can be modified. Reviewing the resulting concepts often reveals valuable insights.

Design Lighter
Inspire makes efficient use of material, only placing it where required to satisfy structural performance requirements. Reduced design weight leads to material cost savings, performance improvements and reduced shipping costs.


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solidThinking Evolve allows industrial designers to develop forms faster, using either Windows or Mac OS X. It enables you to capture an initial sketch, explore styling alternatives, and visualize products with realistic renderings generated in real time. Evolve provides organic surface modeling and parametric control, with NURBS-based surfaces and solids and a unique ConstructionTree history feature. It frees designers from the constraints of engineering-oriented CAD tools, while allowing the export of digital models required by others in the product development process.


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Click2Cast is a casting process simulation software that allows the user to enhance and optimize their manufactured components. Click2Cast helps users avoid typical casting defects such as air entrapment, porosity, cold shots, etc. thanks to the simple and quick mold filling simulation. Click2Cast offers an innovative user experience allowing the complete simulation to be done in 5 simple steps and through a completely new and user-friendly interface.

Early simulation

Avoid iterations between design and production


5-step casting simulation

Quick iterations

Test different mold design possibilities with a few intuitive button clicks

Limited investment

High ROI

Keep know-how in-house

No outsourcing necessary


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RAPIDAUTHOR is a powerful, interactive, technical communications tool for Product Maintenance, Parts Catalogues, Work Instruction and Training.

• Get maintenance and training information to market up to 70% faster

• Increase product and services revenue and differentiate your product.

• Cut development costs of documentation and training across the product lifecycle

• Eliminate costly and inaccurate translation

• Enable feedback from users

• Increase productivity and workforce efficiency

• Reduce costs by reusing content across functional areas


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KeyShot is advanced 3D rendering and animation software that simplifies the entire media creation process with an intuitive, streamlined user interface and a revolutionary animation workflow that allows the creation of fully rendered animations in real time.

• Real World Lighting and Editing

• Scientifically Accurate Materials

• Interactive Material Assignments

• Texture, Bump Map and Labeling

• Model Interaction

• Physical Lights

• Camera Controls

• Image Composition

• Part & Camera Animation (Add-on)

• KeyShotVR (Add-on)

• Offline Rendering Features

• Network Rendering (optional)


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Elysium has several product lines which specifically address every critical step of 3D data movement from cradle to grave. The Elysium family of products range from desktop solutions for the geometry expert to the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) products designed to support a global enterprise.


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Software solutions from QuadriSpace allows you to easily, create, update and deliver product documentation to customers. QuadriSpace products provide vast benefits to companies by using 3D directly and publishing to multiple formats. Manufacturing documents are created quickly and delivered with better quality by making use of a single software solution.


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