The Industry-Leading Provider of PLM Software,
Engineering Services, & Technical Training

How do we continue to achieve this? We sell software in every category of Product Lifecycle Management, we conduct engineering by in-house engineers for every major industry, and we instruct training courses by our engineers – all over the U.S., all year-round.

Our Mission:
Optimizing Engineering Investments

Saratech has set up a complete solution – from a full suite of product lifecycle management software, engineering services, and technical training, along with the infrastructure of our support portal & maintenance plans,  monthly webinars,   live events, and trade shows – to help with your needs in translating, designing, analyzing, programming, documenting, and managing processes.

PLM Software

Every product is born as a concept. In the past, we’ve used bubble sketching and hand-drafting. Now, we have products like Inspire and Evolve, which can take your ideas into an environment where their structure can be examined in 3D and reformed into stronger and lighter products even before dimensions and restrictions are set.

Some say a product is all about its design. We tend to think so too, and that’s why we offer 12 different computer-aided design tools such as NX CAD & Solid Edge that offer endless time-saving commands to help you achieve the best design possible.

Simulating real-world and extreme scenarios before taking it to manufacturing can be an overlooked process in the product lifecycle, but it will reduce product revisions after manufacturing if it is incorporated into workflow. Products like FEMAP & SDC Verifier will give you the analysis you need to help your product stay at the top of its industry.

Manufacturing is the most rewarding stage of a product’s lifecycle. This is when your product comes to life in multiple quantities, and is the reason why it needs to be produced correctly. Tools such as NX CAM & Volumill allow you to give the most precise instructions to the machines that will give shape to your product.

Clear communication for any product is key: for your employees, your suppliers, your distributors, and most importantly, your customers. Products such as RapidAuthor help you create part catalogs, user manuals, and even maintenance instructions, which are all vital to a successful product in every market.

Creating efficient development cycles can be difficult to maintain without a proper product data management solution. Sharing workflows, documents, and a bill of materials between departments is made easy with products like Teamcenter, which synchronize relevant project files and information in real-time.

Engineering Services

  • CAD data conversion.
  • Quality checking & comparison.
  • 2D to 3D drawing conversion.
  • Full production drawings.
  • Assemblies.
  • Reverse engineering.
  • Fracture & fatigue analysis.
  • Modal, shock & vibration analysis.
  • Flow & thermal analysis.
  • CAM programming.
  • Post-processor development.
  • Tool path validation.
  • Specification write-ups.
  • Computer software instructions.
  • Computer hardware instructions.
  • Implementation & administration.
  • Development & customization.
  • Upgrades & migration.

Technical Training

Use a variety of methods in order to design parts, assemblies, and drafting sheets.

Modify geometry to prepare for applying a mesh, build mesh surfaces & solids, and run basic linear static models.

Develop solid models from detailed drawings, and produce product assemblies.

Use 2 and 3-axis milling & drilling applications, and create fixed and variable axis tool paths.