Saratech is a nationally recognized Siemens partner and industry leader as a CAD, CAE, CAM and PDM solutions provider, assisting companies with their software and engineering needs and enabling customers to get the most out of their engineering investments. Saratech offers Siemens PLM Software as well as industry leading engineering training, support, mentoring and consulting services to address the modern complexities of design, analysis, manufacturing and data management processes.

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    Customer Spotlight

    Control Micro Systems has been in business for 30 years manufacturing laser based industrial machinery for precision etching, marking, cutting and welding of a wide spectrum of products.  Our primary design tool is Solid Edge Classic to create machine models and corresponding drawings.

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    Try Femap with NX Nastran and seeee how these comprehensive simulation and analysis applications can help you save money and reduce time to market through optimized designs, reduced prototyping and physical testing. In this free offering you will get access to the full version of Femap with NX Nastran as well as Dynamic Response and Design Optimization.

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Latest Events, Training, & Updates

Siemens Selected as Sole PLM Provider for Digital Lab

In an effort to support the U.S. manufacturing industry and promote economic growth, Barack Obama announced that the Digital Lab for Manufacturing in Chicago will receive $70 million through a US Department of Defense (DoD) cooperative agreement. As part of the agreement, Siemens was selected as the only supplier of PLM software that will serve as a top tier partner for the Digital Lab.

Saratech provides support in spacecraft design and analysis project

Saratech has provided analysis support for a major aerospace organization by using its expertise to aid in integrated modeling practices for spacecraft design and analysis.

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Data Preparation for Downstream Consumption

Live Webinar: Wednesday, May 14th at 10:00 AM PST

ElysiumRegister Here

Elysium will demonstrate the importance of product data quality and how to manage quality, detect errors, heal errors, and attain perfectly accurate geometric results.

Take Control of Design Data and Processes with PDM

Live Webinar: Wednesday, May 28th at 10:00 AM PST

Register Here Teamcenter Rapid Start image

Attend this webinar to learn how to take control of your MCAD design data and processes. Find designs faster. Collaborate on designs with internal and external partners.

FEMAP: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency: Employs Femap to Address a Wide Range of Analysis Tasks

Use of versatile pre- and postprocessor enables space agency to notably reduce training costs and increase R&D efficiency.


  • Use CAE modeling tool of choice
  • Reduce training workload
  • Create environment for efficient analysis

Keys To Success:

  • Use a pre- and postprocessor that works with various CAE solvers
  • Employ intuitive user interface
  • Generate and directly edit meshes

Solid Edge: PharmaPack: Packaging Equipment Manufacturer Cuts R&D Cycle Time by 17%

Seamless integration of Teamcenter and Solid Edge enhances collaboration and standardizes business processes


  • Facilitate collaboration for development of single-floor and low-volume model
  • Provide sound project management tools to enhance R&D process

Keys To Success:

  • Seamless integration between Teamcenter and Solid Edge
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